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Van Kooten Advocaten

Van Kooten Advocaten is a law firm made up of five lawyers. Each of our lawyers is an expert in his or her respective fields. Our method can be summarised in three words: expert, realistic and proactive.

We work on the basis of a no-nonsense approach. This means that we will provide you with a realistic estimate of your legal position in advance: this may also mean that you are advised not to litigate and to settle instead.

We apply a quick and purposeful approach to the handling of your case. In addition, by acting pro-actively, we aim to achieve a positive result and, if this is in your interest, avoid escalation. Your interests and wishes are our priority at all times!

All our lawyers are members of the Netherlands Bar Association [Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten] and, as such, subject to its quality regulations and disciplinary law.

Our office is located centrally in the Netherlands and easily accessible, both by car and public transport.

Trade disputes, collection claims and insolvency

Our office has ample experience in corporate law

Do you have claims against businesses or private individuals in the Netherlands? Van Kooten Advocaten specialises in the collection of receivables from debtors. For example, we can quickly and efficiently seize assets of the debtor, request the courts to issue a payment order through an expedited procedure, so-called preliminary relief proceedings, and, if necessary, file a petition for bankruptcy.

Disputes may also concern the interpretation of a contract, for example when it concerns the delivery of goods that must meet certain quality requirements: we can assist you in these instances as well.

Furthermore, you can contact us in the case of offering creditors a settlement through bankruptcy, a moratorium on payments or otherwise. Do you want us to represent your interests as a creditor? We can do that as well, of course.

Legal entities and partnerships

Our lawyers advise and litigate on legal issues within Dutch legal entities in the non-profit sector. Examples include churches, foundations and associations.

For example, if you need support when convening a members’ meeting or in the event of an appointment, a suspension or the dismissal of directors or in the event of amendments to the articles of association and conversions into another legal form,

Van Kooten Advocaten can be of excellent service to you! We also advise on issues within companies, such as conflicts between shareholders and partners.

Criminal law and traffic

Our office provides legal assistance in criminal matters, in particular traffic offences and violations of European transport regulations. For example, in situations where alcohol is involved or the transport of cattle.

Immovable property

Are you looking for support in the finalisation of contracts? Our legal specialists are at home in the Dutch property world. We can help you out with the drafting of, for example, collaboration agreements within the framework of the development of a project or the drafting of rental agreements for both business and residential purposes.

We can also assist you, for example, with the foreclosure of a mortgage and making arrangements between the owner of the property and the mortgage holders. Many of our activities in this field of ​​law consist of procedures to collect overdue rent and obtaining legal permission for eviction from a property.

Family, legacies and mediation

Van Kooten Advocaten employs a lawyer who is specialised in family law. She is also registered and officially recognised as a mediator.

For all cases concerning adoption, recognition of children, alimony, divorce, contact arrangement and parental authority, you can contact our specialist. This also applies to discussions about the distribution of an estate.


You may be working in the Netherlands or Dutch law applies to your working relationship. Either way, you are likely to be subject to Dutch employment law. In addition to drafting employment contracts, advice on your legal position and matters such as employment protection, we can also assist you in dismissal cases.


Our office works on the basis of an hourly rate. You can ask for a price indication in advance and in some cases, it is possible to have cases handled at a pre-agreed rate. For our general terms and conditions, please click here.